Webinar 20

by Patricia Granados

by Cecília Bergman

by Johanna Perez

LCA for Sustainable Production

What we learned

  • Introduction the LCA concept and the purposes of such assessment.
  • The environmental burden of agricultural sector
  • The PEF by the European Commission that is useful for standardising environmental accounting across different products
  • Production stage of PV panels is energy intensive. The mix of electricity of producer country determines the life-cycle climate change impact of PV panels. 
  • French CRE regulation put 20 – 30% of the tendering evaluation on the CO2 emissions of PV panels production, and will not allow emission of 1150gCO2/kWp.
  • Circular economy is needed to replace linear economy. Circular economy aim to keep resources as long as possible lin the loop and create a system that regenerates itself.
  • Introduction of LFI (Linear Flow Index) and MCI (Material Circularity Index)


Patricia Granados. As a Sustainability Consultant at RIFCON GmbH, Patricia Granados works with stakeholders of the agricultural industry in sustainability analysis of products and the alignment with sustainability strategies and frameworks. She will present the trend of LCA in Europe and the applicability of LCA for sustainable agricultural systems.

Cecília Bergman. As a Project Manager in Pink Strategy, Cecília Bergman is working on the impact assessment for the construction of PV systems and other industries as well as assessments of industrial performance. She will provide insights on LCA of solar PV construction. 

Johanna Perez. As an Independent Sustainability Consultant, Johanna Perez provides advice on the conceptualization of clean energy and energy-related climate change mitigation projects in Latin America and Spain. She will provide insights on LCA use in the circular economy.

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