Webinar 18

by Fatima Melgar

Hydrogen technologies and their potential for decarbonization

What we learned

  • Hydrogen enables decarbonisation of important industry sectors that cannot be decarbonised economically, mainly because they need high density fuel to run their operation, such as steel industries and long distance transport.
  • Hydrogen can be produced using green electricity using electrolyzers, thus green hydrogen.
  • Optimal configuration in the hydrogen production chain is essential for low levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH)
  • The determinant parameters to this cost are CAPEX, conversion efficiency, cost of electricity and annual operating hours.
  • Optimal storage technologies also important for low LCOH
  • LCOH differs in different countries depending on the renewable energy production
  • Hydrogen is estimated to be competitive relative to coal and natural gas in 2030 in the steel industry and in ammonia production.


Fatima Melgar. As a Smart Energy Consultant at Engie Impact, Fatima Melgar’s current work is focused on delivering techno-economic analysis of energy transition measures to accelerate the sustainability transformation of clients across the globe.

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