Webinar Speakers

César Nicolas Rodriguez

Business Consultant at Bearing Point, France

Webinar :  Advanced Analytics & Energy Efficiency

César pursued PM3E program and graduated in 2018.  He did his internship with PEPITe in Belgium where he provided broad support for conducting advanced analytics projects in various industrial sectors. His main  tasks consisted in data analysis, software demo presentations and presenting the results to customers. It was his knowledge in Advanced Analytics applied to energy efficiency applications in the industrial sector that he was sharing with us during the webinar. He is currently working as a business consultant for the industrial sector at BearingPoint. Anyone who would like to learn more about his professional life will be warmly welcome. Cesar is also one of Emanate main collaborators functioning as our public relations officer.

Andre Kevin

Project Manager at Canopy Power, Singapore

Webinar :  Solar as A Service (no recording available)

Andre Kevin graduated from PM3E program in 2017 after he completed his internship with a company focused on micro-finance for clean energy technologies. Afterwards, he moved to Singapore and started his career as a solar PV design engineer. During the webinar, he was sharing with us the design concept of PV rooftop, design challenges and market trend in South East Asia. Currently, as Project Engineer at Canopy Power, Andre’s current work is focused on managing the development of hybrid system projects across South East Asia. His day to day tasks is ranged from preparing front end engineering design, handling procurement issues, supervising the construction and commissioning, and keep track of the performance of the system in operation. He is happy to share with anyone about his first-hand experience working in this fast-growing off-grid renewable energy market. 

Bakhtiyar Shokobayev

Manufacturing engineer at ULBA-FA LLP

Webinar : The Cycle of Nuclear Fuel

Bakhtiyar graduated from the Master of Science degree in Sustainable Nuclear Engineering: Application and Management from the IMT Atlantique; and the Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University – University Park, PA (USA). He is working as a fuel assemblies section manufacturing engineer at the “Ulba-FA” LLP., East Kazakhstan Region. “Ulba-FA” LLP is a fuel assembly (FA) manufacturing joint company focuses on FA production for nuclear power plants based in China. He is familiar with thermal-hydraulics, safety reactor systems, neutronics, nuclear reactor analysis; and personal interests in radiological waste management, waste treatment, radioprotection, modelisation of pyrolyses from organic/metal radioactive waste treatments. Bakhtiyar would be happy to share his expertise to anyone !

Siddharth Krishnaswamy

Researcher for Offshore Wind at ECN part of TNO, The Netherlands

Webinar: LCOE Modelling of Offshore Wind Energy

Siddharth graduated in 2017 from ME3 program. He did his internship in ECN part of TNO where he helped design a short-term decision-making software tool for Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Farms. At the time he was presenting the webinar 8 for Emanate, he was a researcher working with ECN’s Offshore Wind IO&M (Installation, Operations and Maintenance) Team. He currently works on developing ECN’s new C# based high-fidelity wind farm simulation environment (UWiSe), which acts as common framework for ECN’s installation and O&M software tools. Siddharth is open to anyone who would like to learn more about his project and expertise.

Gerardo Alonso Escamilla

Renewable Energy Investments Statistic at IRENA’s Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre

Webinar:  The Enablers and the Barriers of the Energy Transition

As an intern for IRENA’s Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre, Gerardo Escamilla’s mission focused on understanding how to define, understand and speed up the global energy transition. He was using machine learning to analyze a huge set of indicators. This has allowed him to identify the factors that are enabling or limiting the energy transition, which accounts for two-thirds of anthropogenic emissions. Gerardo would be happy to share with anyone who is interested to learn more about his projects and his machine learning experience.  

Luis Felipe Lopez

Energy Analyst at International Energy Agency, Paris

Webinar : Energy Efficiency Policy Making in Emerging Economies

Luis graduated from ME3 program in 2018 after finishing his internship in International Energy Agency, Paris. He is working currently in the same institution. He is an analyst working in the division of Energy Efficiency.  He is specialised in energy and sustainability topics, working on analysis of technologies, market, and policies. He co-authored the chapter for emerging economies in the 2018 Energy Efficiency Market Report of the IEA.  In the webinar, he shared insights on policymaking challenges in emerging economies. Luis welcomes anyone who would like to learn about his work and his experience working with energy policies.

Paula Rodriguez

Renewable Energy Consultant at Mott McDonland, Bogota

Webinar : Solar Thermal Application

Paula Rodriguez is a chemical engineer and a skilled football player who completed PM3E program in 2017. She returned home to do her internship with Gestión e Innovación Energética SAS, Colombia. She designed and implemented the installation of solar thermal in a hotel in Bogota, a project that she was presenting to Emanate during the webinar. Her work includes the development of technical and economic feasibility studies for the implementation of renewable energies and energy efficiency technologies (use of biomass, heat recovery, cogeneration systems, etc.) in the commercial, industrial and rural sectors. She is also an internal auditor in the ISO 50001 standard for the design and implementation of energy management systems.

Mareli Botha

Process Engineer at Aurecon, South Africa

Webinar: Microbial Fermentation for Waste Treatment (no recording available)

Mareli Botha is a chemical engineer who graduated from the PM3E program in 2017. She returned to South Africa for her internship at Thermtron Scientific, working on a plasma waste to syngas system for treatment of waste tyres and MSW. She then continued her career as a design engineer in the same company. She also worked for Swayana as the junior project manager on a gas-to-ethanol project. Currently, she is working atAurecon in South Africa as a process engineer with focus on engineering design and management. Mareli would welcome anyone who is interested in knowing more about her work and her expertise.

Paulie Horng

Science Research Associate at Department of Sustainability and Innovation at IKEM, Germany

Webinar: Social Innovation in The Energy Transition (no recording available)

Pauline is an innovative and creative brain when it comes to the energy transition. With her team, she completed the Energy Transition Coloring book as an innovation in communicating energy transition towards non-experts which  received compliments from world leaders. This was one of the social innovations that she introduced to us during the webinar.  At IKEM she devised a new department strategy by recognizing the need for communication in the market, perform risk analysis and management for both projects and everyday events in the fast-paced company environment. Due to her passion for green building, she co-founded Tetrawhat with three other co-founders. Pauline will be more than happy to explain about the creative works that she is doing for the energy transition. 

Marsha Prabandani

Contract & Project Manager at  Akuo Energy, Indonesia

Webinar : Offgrid Solar PV Hybrid Powerplant, Techno-commercial implementation (no recording available) 

Marsha graduated from the PM3E program in 2016. She did her internship in the domain of Energy Efficiency with UNEP. Soon after that she returned to Indonesia and started her career as a deputy project manager at Akuo Energy, Indonesia. Her projects include the development of renewable energy in a rural area in Indonesia. During her webinar, she was sharing with us a  success story of an offgrid hybrid solar PV plant project in Borneo.  She is very passionate about the growth of renewable energy in Indonesia. She will be really happy to share with anyone her experience and expertise in the energy sector. 

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